Lease of real estate

  • Preparation of documents
  • The real estates hiring or renting out is a procedure involving several key issues of essential importance for avoiding problems in securing long-term renting relationships. Тhese important issues should be set down on time, or otherwise there will surely occur large problems in the realization of the legal rights of any party under the lease contract.
    In our practice we have frequently come upon various problems arising from obscurity and incompleteness in the lease contracts. You can entrust us with their prevention or settlement.



  • Procedure
    • Finding a suitable site /real estate/ or respectively a tenant /lessee/.
    • Conducting negotiations concerning the lease contract parameters.
    • Making out the lease contract.
    • Settling the legal relationships with the exploitation companies (electric power supply, water supply & sewerage, heating supply, etc.).
    • We offer the service of real estate management as an additional option.
    • By this service we shall engage in all activities on servicing the renting legal relationship (rent collection, control on accurate payment of overheads, participation in general meetings, etc.).

  • Preparation of contracts
  • The preparation of the real estate lease contract is the most important element of the renting legal relationship. The contract should envisage all possible problems which might occur at a later stage of the renting legal relationship. It is essential to take into account that renting out does not end just by finding a tenant willing to pay a good rent price. The professional approach to every separate component of these relationships shall contribute to a good final result – long-term and trouble-free renting relationships.

  • Complex real estate management
  • B&N Consult are in position to offer our clients an overall service on real estate management. What does it mean?
    It represents a package of activities which we do on behalf of our clients, enlisted as follows:

    • Сollection of the monthly rental instalments.
    • Control of payment of the overhead expenses on the real estate.
    • Participation of our representative in each General Meeting of the building where the real estate is located.
    • Upholding the positions of the owner on certain matters and protection of owner’s interests before all institutions, neighbours and third persons with respect to owner’s real estate.
    • Conducting negotiations and concluding contracts for the real estate after coordination with the owner.
    • Transfer of the collected rental price to the bank account of the owner, regardless of his/her residing in Bulgaria or abroad.