Purchase of real estate

  • Preparation of documents
  • The procedure on real estate purchase involves preparation of specific documents. The right professional approach and the experience in drawing them up are the basis for the accomplishment of each particular deal without problems.
    The team of B&N Consult offers all the services on real estate puchase by Bulgarian and foreign natural and legal entities on the territory of the entire country.

  • Preliminary contract
  • The preparation of the preliminary contract for real estate purchase is probably the most important part of the whole deal. It stipulates all the conditions and the legal relationships on the deal. It is also the basis of the future notarial deed. The correct provision of the legal relationships between buyer and seller within the preliminary contract frame, the clear outlining of the deal parameters and the comprehensive envisaging of all the potential problematic issues, are a guarantee for finalizing the deal without any problems.
    We render this, as well as any other service, on the territory of the entire country.

  • Verifications
  • B&N Consult offer the service of executing any type of verifications at all stages of accomplishing real estate deals.

    • The first stage includes investigation of the real estate in terms of title, encumbrance, and potential claims on it. It is carried out before signing the preliminary contract.
    • The second stage of the verifications is executed immediately before signing the notarial deed.

  • Mortgage making out
  • The making out of legal or contractual mortgages is a task which should be entrusted to the lawyers of the Credit Applicant. Тhis step would protect the latter’s interests in his/her relationships with the bank or the credit institution. The lawyers of B&N Consult can share their experience in making out a large number of mortgages for their clients having purchased real estates by using the consultant services of the Company.

  • Раrtition of real estates
  • The partition of landed real estates, regulated landed estates and houses (apartments) is a procedure which should be executed in observance of the legislative provisions pursuant to the parameters of the independent real estates. The procedure involves two stages:

    • juridical – preparation of the necessary documentation and legal grounding of the possible partition variants in compliance with the legal provisions;
    • technical – partition designing.

    Our team has highly qualified specialists who can accomplish the entire process optimally within the shortest possible terms.
    We render this, as well as any other service, on the territory of the entire country.