Project stages

Each project passes through several stages during its accomplishment. In order to be successful, it should be approached with the necessary attentiveness, competence and professionalism from the very start. Each stage is important and interrelated with the others. The principles underlying the preceding stages determine the possibilities at the disposal of the investor for the future. The stages of most investment projects are:

  • formation of the investment project idea
  • determining of the financial parameters and the financing sources for the separate stages
  • elaboration of the legal frame
  • choice of a suitable terrain
  • investigation of the legal circumstances concerning the land
  • purchase of the plot
  • procedure on changing the purpose of the land
  • provision of documents for construction
  • marketing study on the demand and contriving a conception on what is to be constructed
  • assignment and elaboration of the idea project
  • discussion with a maximum number of agencies which would be directly engaged in the sale and data analyzing
  • assignment and elaboration of the architectural design
  • preparation and filing of documents for issuance of construction permission
  • starting of the construction process
  • starting of the sales (contracts with the real estate agencies)
  • control on the sales process
  • finalizing of the deal
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